Balustrade Installations in Pretoria

If you are in the process of considering and designing hand rails for your home or office, it’s important to note that stainless steel balustrades is likely your best option. Tempered steel (a.k.a stainless steel) balustrades can offer an assortment of styles to suit all personal and safety requirements.

There are some significant advantages to installing stainless steel balustrades as opposed to fitting alternative types of handrails and balustrades.

Whether you’re in search of stairway rails, slopes or ramps, stainless steel balustrades can be designed and manufactured to work for and meet your unique needs. Design flexibility is one of the most attractive aspects of using stainless steel balustrade, not to mention the look and feel can offer a modern alternative to the wooden counterpart solutions. Slanted, straight, curved or even spiral stairways, if you can can think it, we can design and install it.

Stainless steel balustrades and hand rails can withstand every day use and are adequately able to keep individuals safe from fall or injury, particularly in am office environment where there may be a large number of individuals making use of the balustraded walkway. It is likewise more secure than wood, smoother yet easier to hold on to.

  • Wide selection to choose from
  • Easy to maintain
    A light clean with a damp cloth and diluted cleaning agent is all that’s needed
  • Easy on the pocket
    Offers a moderate choice without settling on style and taste
  • Versatility
    Stainless steel rails can undoubtedly suit any indoor or outdoor setting. These can likewise be adapted to align with our preferred look and feel.

One thing to keep in mind, is that installing stainless steel balustrades will require a skilled welder and experienced installers. Aluminium Installations Solutions not only offers the benefits of stainless steel balustrades, but also the peace of mind of the highest quality workmanship.

Here are some of the more complexed projects we’ve worked on recently.
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