Shower Door Installations in Pretoria

When designing a new residential or perhaps even a commercial building, property owners are almost always looking for a simplistic yet sophisticated and functional bathroom layout. Components such as the shower doors (or lack thereof) can make or break the functionality and sustainability of the bathroom facility within a building.

Large glass panels are certainly the most beneficial feature of our shower door installation solutions. Glass shower doors allow light to flow through the bathroom more freely. This not only creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom, but it can also allow for natural heating and in turn reduce power consumption on warm weather days.

Shower doors as opposed to shower curtains are also quite low maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining glass shower doors are as simple as the regular cleaning of your bathroom windows and tiles. Whereas shower curtains can sometimes collect mold and even become slimy with soap residue – no one likes that!

Are you still in limbo about whether or not you should install shower doors in your new bathroom or bathroom upgrade?
Our consultants are standing-by to assist you with your shower designs and installations.