Aluminium Stacking Doors in Pretoria

Aluminium stacking doors are well suited for use in homes, offices and retail stores. Although this style of door has been a most frequently used in commercial spaces over the years, within buildings such as show rooms, stadiums, convention rooms, hotels and restaurants, this particular style of aluminium door is becoming increasingly popular for use in residential designs as well.

Home owners and guesthouse owners are now also choosing to enjoy the luxury of merging exterior surroundings to interior areas of their properties when they opt to install aluminium stacking doors.

This is largely due to the wide entrance effect which stacking doors allow for. With less panels, mullions and/or bars to disrupt beautiful outdoor views, residents are left with a sense of being connected to their outdoor surroundings without putting a foot outside. Most certainly a ‘best of both worlds’ treat for them and their visiting guests.

Business and property owners will certainly attest to aluminium stacking doors being one of the best solutions for their commercial properties. Convenience and the level of control that comes to allowing customers, staff and suppliers access to specific sections of their business building is big plus point. Aluminium stacking doors can easily divide or close off sections you may not want to allow access to at all times. Stacking doors can also allow for large entrances into big stores. In addition to this, aluminium stacking doors are made up of mostly glass, therefore visibility is less restricted from either side of the door which is pertinent for safety, security or even marketing purposes.

As with all our aluminium door and window frame solutions, a few more benefits worth mentioning would be the durability and low-maintenance requirements of aluminium installations as a whole.

Here are some examples of the completed projects we’ve worked on recently.
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