Aluminium Windows Installations & Repairs in Pretoria

AIS Aluminium Windows & Doors install and repair a aluminium window frames in a range of sizes and colours in Pretoria. Building owners and contractors are choosing aluminium window frames more and more over the years, since they are practical, beautiful and climate resistant. It is due to these advantages that aluminium window frames are installed more often than not these days.

Durability is one of the most appealing aspects of aluminium, and this does not exclude aluminim windows. Which is why it is the number 1 choice for a long-haul investment in new and renovation building construction projects. Aluminium window frames are well-known for being weather, dent and corrosion resistant. Although you may need to make a slightly larger upfront investment when opting for aluminium frames instead of wood or steel, the lifetime return on this investment is beyond compare.

Here are some of the more complexed projects we’ve worked on recently.
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