Affordable Aluminium Sliding Doors Installations

Aluminium sliding doors are undoubtedly the most functional and well-known solution for expanding and connecting any living space or commercial area to it’s exterior surroundings. Sliding doors are not only a convenient entryway to transition from indoor to outdoor and vice versa, but it’s also an aesthetically pleasing choice for dividing two interior spaces, whether it be within one’s home or in a workplace environment. Another key plus point of sliding doors, is that they require less space for opening and closing, which makes this an ideal choice for installing in compact rooms and within small-scale properties.

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Palace Sliding Doors

Maintenance and up-keep of doorways does not get any easier than our sliding doors. There is no painting or whether protection treatments required on a regular basis, due to the dent, scratch, rust and corrosion resistant nature of aluminium. The glass section of your sliding doors can be cleaned regularly along with windows, using your standard window-cleansing agents and the aluminium sections can be cleansed at the same time with very little effort.

In terms of security, aluminium sliding doors are extremely durable and can actually be seen as one of the safest options for exterior to interior entrance ways. Considering that the glass used for aluminium sliding doors are quite thick and aluminium itself is a relatively robust material, in comparison to it’s wooden door counterparts.

AIS Aluminium Windows & Doors offer a wide selection of colours, sizes and styles in sliding doors, which means you need not compromise when it comes to design and d├ęcor matching. Whatever your personal preference or style, we have a sliding door solution to uniquely suit you.

Icon 700 Series Economical Sliders

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