Aluminium French Doors in Pretoria

French Doors are well-known for it’s elegant and stylish appearance. However, this side-by-side door design is not just for fashionable appeal, there are some very real functional benefits that come with installing aluminium French Doors in either your home or business setting.

French doors are structurally engineered to allow for substantial light transfer from one space to another. All the while French doors also have a unique sealing and air retention capability. This very special function prevents cold air from coming in when it’s cold outside, and it also stops the warmth from inside the building getting out.

When it comes to the sunnier and ultimately hotter climates, French doors not only keep warm air out as it does with cold air on cooler days, but their side-by-side door design allows you to open these doors wider than the single doors, which in turn would allow for increased airflow and natural cooling throughout an indoor space.

Of course, aluminium French doors are not only used as exterior to interior entrance ways, but they can also be fitted as doorways and divisions between interior rooms of almost any type of environment.

AIS have extensive experience in sourcing and installing French doors of many different styles, sizes, colours and patterns.

We’ve put together a collection of aluminium window and door installation examples, including French doors, to help you choose the design which would best suit your living or working space.
Our consultants are standing-by to assist you with your unique aluminium French door designs and installations.